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What if I have to cancel my appointment?

No worries! Things come up, we get that! With online booking, you can easily move your appointment to another day or time! Alternatively you can call or text us!
Same day cancellations are frowned upon- please give us a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel!
No shows will not be given another appointment and will be charge 100% of the service fee. We hate to do this, but they really hurt us and other clients!

Which payment methods does Just Posh Esthetics accept?

We accept cash or credit card!

I want to come with a friend — does Just Posh Esthetics offer package deals?

Yes! A lot of times we can accommodate multiple facials/lashes/etc at the same time- please book your appointment ahead of time, we do book up fast. Airbrush tanning is always better in groups! For all lash, waxing and spa appointments we will not allow another person in the room (unless it is the parent of a minor).

How is Just Posh Esthetics different from other Estheticians and Massage Therapists?

We strive for perfection. We love going above and beyond to give our clients the wow experience! We believe that not only giving excellent service is important but developing a friendship with our guests is important
We also are continuously learning and updating services!
We also uphold the strictest sanitation and hygienic practices. This means there will never be double dipping, dirty implements or any cause for worry about cross contamination!

How should I prep for my waxing appointment?

Please come freshly showered, with at least 2 weeks of growth (3-4 is preferred). Hair should be no shorter than a grain of rice and you should be able to pinch it between your fingers! Please ensure to discontinue any use of retinol, retin A, glycolic acid for a minimum of 5-7 days (questions? just ask!) After your appointment you can expect some redness, which will go away in a few hours. Stay out of the sun, tanning beds, hot tubs and work outs for at least 24 hours! (but stay out of the tanning beds forever!)

What should I know about lash extensions before I get them?

Be prepared to be wowed!
Do your research, finding someone who is certified and knows what they are doing is number one! Also finding someone who's lash style you like. (I know these are obvious)
Before any lash set or fill please make sure to come to the appointment free of make up. Lash extensions don't stick to dirty lashes! Avoid wearing mascara for 24 hours before your appointment. Be prepared to be laying for a while (full sets take anywhere from 2-3 hours! fills are between 1-2 hours). Also avoid any caffeine, it will make your eyes flutter. Do NOT wet your lashes for 24 hours after getting them done- this sets the glue! You will need to wash your lashes, it is so so so important! This will help you have better retention and will keep your lashes looking the best they can.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a service?

Most of the services I provide, any one can get. However if you are in question, or unsure of what service would be right for you please contact me and we can get you booked. Questions with facials? No worries, pick one that you think might work for you-I always will give my professional opinion on what will be best!

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