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Face Reality

Your Skin is as unique as you are.

That means it needs a personalized system that correctly addresses your concerns and the right home care to bring out the healthiest, most glowing skin possible.
It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to clearing your skin. I get it- I've been there too. We don’t believe in being pushy or suggesting things you don’t need and we’re pretty sure you don’t either. We take into consideration of your habits and lifestyle to properly suggest products and services that you will actually use- and it's completely customized for YOU. (so you can stop spending hours searching through Google)

How does this work?

Glad you asked!
First thing is first- we will send you (via email and/or text) a comprehensive consultation form- where you can list all medications, issues with your skin and allergies on! We will also ask for some pictures of your skin-cleansed without any make up- to start forming the best treatment plan for you!
Then we have you come in for an in person consult and treatment. At this appointment we will go over home care, diet, medications and what you need to know to successfully complete this acne bootcamp!
Generally- you will start to results in as little as a month, but by enrolling in the boot camp you will get bi weekly check ins from us for up to 16 weeks! We do suggest coming in for skin treatments 1-2 times a month during this process.

What sort of services will be the most effective?

Everyone's skin is so different- we have a few to choose from (each customized to your skin!)

Hydrating Enzyme Treatment- suitable for all skin types, wonderful for inflamed acne. Includes cleansing, exfoliation of the face, extractions and high frequency and/or LED

Acne Chemical Peel- suitable for all skin types, except extremely sensitive. Includes cleansing, peel, extractions and high frequency and/or LED


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