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  • Please arrive to your appointment at least 5 minutes early, there is a lobby area with drinks for your convince. Please also use the restroom prior to your service! If you are running late, please give us a call to let us know- we may or may not be able to take you!

  • *ALL* paperwork must be filled out *BEFORE* your appointment, otherwise it will cut into your time. Said paperwork will be emailed/texted to you in accordance of HIPPA-so your information will be protected!

  • Please leave children at home for your appointment. If it is a quick appointment a baby in a carrier will be allowed into the treatment room. We want you to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed!

  • Appointments with minors- parent or guardian must be in the room AND give consent (sign paperwork) to said treatment. If this does not happen, the treatment will not happen.

  • ​All cancellations must be 24 hours BEFORE appointment.​

  • If you *no show* an appointment, you WILL NOT be given another appointment and will be charge 100% of the service fee.

  • ​Pricing for fills follows will be determined by the amount of time you book out, your retention & aftercare, and how long it has been since your last fill in. Generally 2 week fills can be completed in 1 hour (classic lashes), 3 week fills can be completed in 1.5 hours (classic or volume depending). If you go over 4 weeks you will be required to book a *full set*

  • ​  If you are late for your appointment, please note that time will be taken out of your appointment time. All appointments factor in the consultation, check out process and rebooking. Some appointments are only 15 minutes long, please let me know if you will be late, as we may need to reschedule you.

  • ​ We cannot guarantee a spot if your appointment is cancelled or rescheduled last minute.

  • For *ALL* lash clients, please avoid products containing oil  & glycols around the eye area as this can cause retention issues.

  • For *ALL* appointments please disclose ANY medications- as some can cause contraindications for the treatment.

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